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Welcome to The Kings Retreat, the premier online dating network. Where beauty and success come together! The quality of our members and the features we offer are truly unique.

Men who join our club are usually described as:

An established man, a successful man, a wealthy man, a mentor or benefactor, a professional man, a handsome man, a millionaire and most importantly a quality gentleman worthy to stand among Kings!

Women who are attracted to our club usually describe themselves as:

A beautiful woman, a classy woman, a model, a social butterfly, a sugar baby, a princess, or a lady without equal who is fit to be a Queen!

To get started click on the members network to browse profiles or apply for membership. Women's profiles that pass our review always receive complimentary total access gold membership! 

We look forward to greeting you at The Kings Retreat where every woman is a Queen and all men are Kings.

View some of our actual members and make an informed decision!

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